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Go Gugu for Gaga’s Bad Romance?

Posted in entertainment, Illuminati, Music on December 15, 2009 by The A Train

I came across this post on Vigilant Citizen.

Lady Gaga’s videos and performances are extremely symbolic and filled with hidden messages. Her latest video, named “Bad Romance”, describes the dark and ritualistic inner-workings of the entertainment industry, by symbolically depicting Gaga as a sex slave.

There is alot of masonry and illuminati symbolism, pagan and egyptian deity representations, and also a very strong reptilian reference throughout the video. Google “reptilians” for clarification on what they are (beings that are briefly mentioned in Genesis that were born of humans but these women were actually impregnated by fallen angels.) and how they affect society and influence secret society.

Im telling you there is a whole other world out there, within the world that we live in right now, right here, and it can be very disturbing. I like GaGa and all, I respect her drive, she has been in the game practically since she was 17 years old- however, I think if you cant get somehwere naturally, dont use outside sources to channel it into exsistence.


The Music Industry & Who Murdered Michael Jackson

Posted in celebrity, entertainment, Illuminati, Michael Jackson, Music, Obama, Spiritual World on December 14, 2009 by The A Train

Latoya reported to the press that she strongly believed that Michael was murdered, and that his death was not suicide nor an accidental overdose. When you look closely at certain behaviors and reports in the media, follow up with research, and place the pieces in the prospective places, you can make sense out of nonsense.

I came across this video on YouTube and I think it’s definetly worth the watch. Even if you are tired of hearing about MJ, or don’t really care about “gossip” I think you should take a look. It is about more than that. This video was done by farhankhan and please visit the site as well.

What kinda sent me for a loop was the excerpt of Obama’s classic chant “Yes We Can”. I realized that even if it is just said repeatedly it also sounds like “Thank You Satan”. The subconcious mind is very powerful, but it also is very, very honest.

Kill for Fame III – The Occult in Hip Hop

Posted in entertainment, Illuminati, Music, Music Business, Spiritual World on December 12, 2009 by The A Train

It is no secret who the hottest are in the music industry right now. Especially in Hip Hop. I couldnt resist posting these old videos and elaborating on the Kill for Fame series.

In earlier posts I stated that I had no opinion on the content in the video’s, and that I do not wish to promote either side of the game. However, I am realizing that there is a more serious concept in the problem that has infected the entertaainment people in its entirety, and not just in the Hip Hop world. I am concentrating on Hip Hop and Rap because they are the main ones, who are misleading the true people to chase after MONEY, CARS, CLOTHES… and the HOES…. That is not what God has chosen for his people. Not at all.

Still, DISCLAIMER…. take this as food for thought and think about the word ENTERTAINMENT.

ENTER (into) – TAIN (inhabit) – MENT (al)

Erykah Badu – Return of the Ankh

Posted in celebrity, Music on December 11, 2009 by The A Train

Erykah is photographed here attending a jam session, also with Dame Dash and Corrine Bailey Rae in New York City.

We can now begin to anticipate her album release in Feb 2010. As big as a Badu listener as I am, I am sure this album will be well worth the wait.

It Aint Over For Fabo – Mixtape Release

Posted in celebrity, entertainment, Music on December 10, 2009 by The A Train

Fabo is still working hard. He confirms that he will release a mixtape soon which is a sequel to Loso’s Way.

“I’m looking to come next summer,” Fab said of the album’s release date. “I like summer releases. It’s good timing. People are out, a lot of people need good music to ride to. I’m looking towards June or July again and come with Loso’s Way 2.” (via MTV interview)

As of now, the roll-out for the original Loso’s Way is still underway. Fab wants to release viral visuals for “Lullaby,” “Last Time” and “Makin’ Love,” while a clip “I’mma Do It” hit the ‘net a few weeks ago. Look for Fab to keep heating up cyberspace with a new mixtape on December 25, hosted by DJ Drama.

“The first mixtape with Dram was There Is No Competition,” he explained. “I’m working on part two — it’s called There Is No Competition Part 2: The Funeral Service. We gonna make it available for download on Christmas Day — kinda like a gift to the fans, for free, to kinda go out and get the music. It will also be available on hard disc. Most people are home at Christmas, they get computer access — so you can download it or have it on your computer. Get a new [computer for Christmas], the first thing you gonna wanna do is download the There Is No Competition Part 2: The Funeral Service.

“Everything on there — it’s what I’ve been working on since the album. Even though [my album] came out in July, I probably finished it in maybe April or May. Everything has been building up musically since then. Sometime I get it out on R&B features or just other little stuff that you put out. I hadn’t put a mixtape out in while, so I had that backed up in me. I got a chance to release. I think people are gonna love it. There Is No Competition is me saying, ‘There is nobody that can compete with me. Death to the competition.’ That’s why it’s called The Funeral Service. Everything is themed around that. That’s why it’s kinda dark. Each song plays into that.”

Honestly, I though Fab kinda fell off. But I guess he is on the right track.

BlakRoc – Dame Dash

Posted in Dame Dash, Music on December 8, 2009 by The A Train

I love this episode with Nicole Wray.

More Sessions
album available only on iTunes

Jackson to Be Funeralized and Buried Late Today

Posted in celebrity, life, Michael Jackson, Music on July 7, 2009 by The A Train

I will miss you Michael. I was always on your side.


Michael will be buried today in a private cemetery of other notable people in CA, during a private ceremony.