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Kill for Fame III – The Occult in Hip Hop

Posted in entertainment, Illuminati, Music, Music Business, Spiritual World on December 12, 2009 by The A Train

It is no secret who the hottest are in the music industry right now. Especially in Hip Hop. I couldnt resist posting these old videos and elaborating on the Kill for Fame series.

In earlier posts I stated that I had no opinion on the content in the video’s, and that I do not wish to promote either side of the game. However, I am realizing that there is a more serious concept in the problem that has infected the entertaainment people in its entirety, and not just in the Hip Hop world. I am concentrating on Hip Hop and Rap because they are the main ones, who are misleading the true people to chase after MONEY, CARS, CLOTHES… and the HOES…. That is not what God has chosen for his people. Not at all.

Still, DISCLAIMER…. take this as food for thought and think about the word ENTERTAINMENT.

ENTER (into) – TAIN (inhabit) – MENT (al)


Kill for Fame II

Posted in celebrity, entertainment, Illuminati, Michael Jackson, Music Business, success on December 10, 2009 by The A Train

For those of you who did not watch part one, go into the archives on the right and catch up.

Here is some more on Jay-Z, MJ, Dr. Dre, and others.

Take this information for what it is… INFO! My posting of these video’s does not mean that I am an advocate or a follower of either side. These posts do not express my personal opinion. I just believe in being aware and knowledgeable; plus I understand that there are many faucets of life. There are many societies and belief systems in the world, and I learned this firsthand when I began my masters degree at Seminary back in 2005.

Kill for Fame

Posted in celebrity, Illuminati, Michael Jackson, Music Business on December 10, 2009 by The A Train

This video will make you think TWICE before you go into the music industry!

I guess the music business is still SATAN’s business…

I will post part 2. next…

Jasckson’s Last Destination

Posted in celebrity, entertainment, Michael Jackson, Music Business, thought on July 17, 2009 by The A Train

MJ left a catalog of nearly 100 songs behind, in which he stated in his will: I wrote these songs and saved them for my kids, to support them if anything should happen to me. Wise guy. What I find even wiser about my all time favorite entertainer and legend is that he was fully aware about the changes around him, and knew that there was a time coming soon that he would pass on. Mike’s next song that would have graced the music scene as a highly anticipated release is titled, “Take Me To a Place With No Name”. I find it ironic that this song was scheduled to be released next. That’s one thing I always admired about Mike, he was all about time, and he always seemed to know the right timing for everything.

Once again, Mike is dominating and topping the music charts. More money is finally coming into the music business due to his unfortunate death (this is a very good thing for me). I love you Michael ♥…

Im praying that I will be offered a better negotiated deal from Sony Music for 2 songs for a new artist. They have money now!

Destination Slowly Approaching

Posted in ife, life, Music, Music Business, Work, Writing on May 19, 2009 by The A Train

My week-long silence has been due to work. I’m semi-happy, I see the finished project slowly coming along, even though problems in my personal life are sprouting all around. I am so proud of my love. He has contributed to this project tremendously. We were able to record all 3 songs in 2 days! These songs are really nice too, well written, commercial, and have a lot to add to what is going on in music world today. There is so much to learn about the music business, it is almost never-ending. Once I feel like I have a semi-grip of all there is, something else shows itself. The business is not hard, however it is one of those businesses that details and social etiquette are a very important must. Managing artists and songwriters is very enjoyable, but every decision- down to extreme detail- is too essential.

Now that the project is behind me, I can finally focus on some of my other work. Back to the books, articles, stories, and poems.