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Unfamiliar Territory: The Music Business

Posted in Jazz, life, Music on May 11, 2009 by The A Train

It is hard for certain people to recognize a good opportunity when one comes their way, I am learning. In Houston, this past weekend, I visited this jazz bar that I would normally not step into. It was a comfortable lounge, very art-sy and trendy, but the crowd was not my usual crowd. While I was there, there was this really sultry, smooth sounding jazz vocalist singing – and this person has the voice and the look of what I am in need for, for a song I have to finish for a major producer. I approached him, told him how he could get exposure “out the ass” for working on this song… And he just kinda gave major excuses. He was nervous I could tell, by his shaky hands and all, but he said “I’ll be studying for a final… I will be teaching a class on Monday… blah, blah” He handed me his card with his shaky hand and that was that. So I was thinking, maybe he is beating himself up right now, give him a call anyway. Called today, same excuse! Then he told me he wants to sing jazz. Jazz only. That’s fine and dandy to want to sing jazz music- however, everyone knows in the music business, when you are a new artist, you chill and do what you have to do to get out there. Do a album or two, then convert to your desired style. Kanye had to do it, Akon did it, etc, etc. The song that he would be singing is very vivid, like jazz, but is more on the alternative, rock, tip. Now I have to search for someone else… again… deadline approaching… stress central…

I guess this move to the south was a bad idea… May have to go back to the east coast to get my business once again. What’s up with people, nowadays? If it was me I would have jumped on it.


Jazz Central with Christian Scott

Posted in inspiration, Jazz, life, Music on May 5, 2009 by The A Train

Jazz is one of my muses. I love everything that goes in and creates what we call jazz. Right now I’m listening to the genre Minimalist/Progressive, and a few minutes past I came across one of Christian Scott’s Songs. It took me back instantly! This trumpeter has got talent. Scott is originally from New Orleans, and you can tell from the vivid-ness of his music. On top of the roots of jazz, classical jazz that is, you cant hear his new twist on jazz music; almost like an imprint of the artistry of a city.

Very vivid.

I am not sharing this with whomever reading to hike him up, for his profit, he is not one of my artists or anything, he is just so enchanted I had to share to others.

Check him out on iTunes or your Zune, or something. This guy is young and talented, and we all know that adding something fresh and new to our music collection is much needed.

He is a legend in the making. From “Katrina’s Eyes” to “Like This”, he is an inspiration from track 1.