Go Gugu for Gaga’s Bad Romance?

I came across this post on Vigilant Citizen.

Lady Gaga’s videos and performances are extremely symbolic and filled with hidden messages. Her latest video, named “Bad Romance”, describes the dark and ritualistic inner-workings of the entertainment industry, by symbolically depicting Gaga as a sex slave.

There is alot of masonry and illuminati symbolism, pagan and egyptian deity representations, and also a very strong reptilian reference throughout the video. Google “reptilians” for clarification on what they are (beings that are briefly mentioned in Genesis that were born of humans but these women were actually impregnated by fallen angels.) and how they affect society and influence secret society.

Im telling you there is a whole other world out there, within the world that we live in right now, right here, and it can be very disturbing. I like GaGa and all, I respect her drive, she has been in the game practically since she was 17 years old- however, I think if you cant get somehwere naturally, dont use outside sources to channel it into exsistence.


One Response to “Go Gugu for Gaga’s Bad Romance?”

  1. lady gaga disturbs me, and i am a person who has pretty much seen it all. but there is definitely a creepiness about her that makes my skin crawl. needless to say, i am not a lady gaga fan. at all.

    yes i remember reading about the children of beautiful women/angels who lusted these women. i read this is the reason why God destroyed the world, at the time. actually the “cross” is also a paganism tradition adopted by the roman church then handed down as their “teaching.”

    and it has absolutely nothing to do with jesus christ. i shouldn’t go there…

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