Jasckson’s Last Destination

MJ left a catalog of nearly 100 songs behind, in which he stated in his will: I wrote these songs and saved them for my kids, to support them if anything should happen to me. Wise guy. What I find even wiser about my all time favorite entertainer and legend is that he was fully aware about the changes around him, and knew that there was a time coming soon that he would pass on. Mike’s next song that would have graced the music scene as a highly anticipated release is titled, “Take Me To a Place With No Name”. I find it ironic that this song was scheduled to be released next. That’s one thing I always admired about Mike, he was all about time, and he always seemed to know the right timing for everything.

Once again, Mike is dominating and topping the music charts. More money is finally coming into the music business due to his unfortunate death (this is a very good thing for me). I love you Michael ♥…

Im praying that I will be offered a better negotiated deal from Sony Music for 2 songs for a new artist. They have money now!


5 Responses to “Jasckson’s Last Destination”

  1. ashpowWOW Says:

    I LOVE THIS SONG !it wouldve been a hit !Check out my blog:)BE A FOLLOWER !http://ashpowwow.blogspot.com/http://ashpowwow.blogspot.com/im following yours !

  2. RCaitlin Says:

    I hope you get that deal!

  3. mr. nichols Says:

    wow. this is my first time reading about the songs. i think you nailed it on the point that mj always had his timing on point. i hope it works out with the deal keep us posted.

  4. Mahmood Says:

    Even after lots of bad talk he turned out to be a great man. Your blog is very nice. The images are very beautiful. God is Great. Best wishes.http://www.thedynamicnature.com

  5. O.F.C.J. Says:

    That was very smart of him to put away songs for the future. How awesome that he can put pen to paper to support his children. Wow. Best wishes on the deal!O.F.C.J.

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