Destination Slowly Approaching

My week-long silence has been due to work. I’m semi-happy, I see the finished project slowly coming along, even though problems in my personal life are sprouting all around. I am so proud of my love. He has contributed to this project tremendously. We were able to record all 3 songs in 2 days! These songs are really nice too, well written, commercial, and have a lot to add to what is going on in music world today. There is so much to learn about the music business, it is almost never-ending. Once I feel like I have a semi-grip of all there is, something else shows itself. The business is not hard, however it is one of those businesses that details and social etiquette are a very important must. Managing artists and songwriters is very enjoyable, but every decision- down to extreme detail- is too essential.

Now that the project is behind me, I can finally focus on some of my other work. Back to the books, articles, stories, and poems.


One Response to “Destination Slowly Approaching”

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