Sorry Man’s Pit Stop

~This post involves plot revealing material~

I went (dragged of course) to the movie “Obsessed” last night. This is was one of those classic, stalker movies with the very predictable plot turns…. You’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. The only good thing about this movie is Beyonce, which is funny, because she was the reason why I did not want to see it in the first place (the woman’s everywhere! She needs to sit down for a minute). However, Beyonce’s acting is the best it probably will ever be, she didn’t demean herself in the role, and she kicked the stalker’s ass at the end of the flick. Other than that, it is definitely a video rental.

But I have one extreme issue with the storyline. Why did it take all that for the psycho-witch to get demolished? Shouldn’t the husband have nipped it in the bud sooner- he certainly had all the time in the world too? From when the crazy lady strips down in his Mercedes, to her slipping a drug in his cocktail, oh and don’t forget the time when she attempted suicide in his hotel room… I mean, the man was supposed to be a smart guy, he was supposed to be able to think on his feet- so why didn’t he act before it got out of hand? The psycho even had time to force entry into their home to take their child, and put him (who by the way: has a high level of child vulnerability, because he is under the age of 5. Yes, I used to work for Children’s Protective Services) into a closed vehicle for who knows how long and alone. I know that state laws severely punishes this type of act, even if it is the parent that does it to the child, and even still he didn’t legally do anything about this lady? Come on… I WISH my man would do something like that, or not do, if we had such a problem.

My point is, is that it took the little ‘ole wife (Beyonce) to fist fight with this psycho, and almost die trying to her. I give the guy a Grammy for not cheating, but hey, does he really deserve that?

Come on men! Please tell me you would have been just a little more proactive…


5 Responses to “Sorry Man’s Pit Stop”

  1. Monica Says:

    I think in real life, some guys would have been more proactive an dnot put themselves in these situations. But you also have to remember it’s also a movie, sometimes Hollywood has some really dumb story lines for them to “truly” develop the movie…

  2. The Novelista Barista Says:

    i want to see this movie but i dont. I dont like creepy stalker girls, bc this COULD actually happen! But i DO want to see Beyonce kick the stalker bitches ass! 🙂

  3. terminal101 Says:

    @Monica so true so true. Plus I guess they would have never had a story if it wasn’t for his passiveness. @The Novelista Barista that’s pretty much how I felt 2! Thnx for your feedback 🙂

  4. index.html Says:

    I was thinking about seeing this movie but I’ll definitely wait until it’s out on Red Box. It just seems like a typical Lifetime Movie like plot.

  5. index.html Says:

    I was thinking about seeing this movie but I’ll definitely wait until it’s out on Red Box. It just seems like a typical Lifetime Movie like plot.

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